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House rules


By this act are regulated house rules in the HOSTELCENTAR in the Belgrade in street Gavrilo Princip number 46a.
Rules of behavior of the hostel and guests are considered by the house rules.
Before renting a room guest has to know house rules and has to agree.

House rules have to be displayed at the reception ,in Serbian and at least one other foreign language.
House rules are on display in every room of the hostel,in Serbian and at least one other foreign language.
A copy of the house rules are available for every guest at reception.

The guest is obligated to leave any appropriate valid documents (passport, ID..) at reception upon arrival.
Check in is 24/7 Check out is at 11am, unless other agreement has been made.
If guest stays in the room after 11 without prior arangement you will be charged a full nites stay without any discounts.
Day rates are available at 50% off full night rates between the hours of 11am to 18pm

The entry of the hostel stairways and all common areas are under 24h video audio survaliance
Valuables (money, documents, jewelry..) guests can keep in the hostels safe, in contrary the hostel is not liable for there disappearing.

Smoking is permitted, only in common rooms.
Smoking is not permitted in hostel rooms.


The hostel is allowed to introduce animals in agreement with the administration.

Flammable materials, materials with strong and unpleasant odors, narcotics, weapon and etc.
Usage of TV,computer and music is permitted if they don't disturb other guests.
Usage of heaters, irons and similar devices is not permitted in rooms.
Any and or all hostel property must stay on site, hostel property been seen outside the hostel is a criminal offence and the appropriate authorities will be notified, you will be also required to pay for stolen or damaged property in accordance with our price list displayed in your room and at reception.

All payments for any goods and or services provided by the hostel MUST be PAID for in ADVANCE.

Guest is obliged to pay for any damage that was made, accidentally or purposely.
Guest is obliged to report any damage or defect on inventory and equipment in the room or bathroom,or will be charged,in accordance with the price list.

In the case of emergency an ambulance will be called free of charge any other illness or aliments the guest will be charged.
In the case of any contagious diesae appropriate help will be afforded the guest will be escorted to other more appropriate facilities.

In the case of guest's death,the hostel will inform the authorities(police and hospital) and the family of the dead .
In this case, the hostel will commissionly schedule guests properties that was found .
Hostel is going to do everything which is necessary to help the authorities and to help with funeral arrangements without disturbing other guests.

Hostel will without delay hand over all mails and messages which are intimate to the guest.
If the mail arrived after the guests' departure, hostel would forward the mail to the address that guest has left.
In case of change of address the hostel will return to sender within 24 hours.

Things that guest left in hostel will be send back to him.
Hostel is going to inform guest about finding the mentioned things and ask from him further instructions of the way of the delivering. Guest is obliged to pay a delivery costs.
If the hostel is not able to deliver the things,it'll keep them at least one year and then it'll act by the regulations.

If the guest doesn't hold by the house rules hostel will dismiss further usage of hostel's services.
In the rest time 14.00 – 17.00 and 22.00- 07.00 disturbing of other guests is not permit

Hostel is going to resolve all lawsuits in relation guest-hostel in agreement with the guest or tourist agency .
Hostel is going to address to police or authorized court in Belgrade, if that is not possible.



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Each one of our kind guest extra receives 10% discount from the standard prices in the year of 2016:

  1. If You stay over 11 nights or
  2. If You make your reservation on the reception of the hostel or
  3. You show us a ticket from any Belgrade manifestation.


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Hostel Centar is situated in the city center, just 100m from the main bus and railway stations. This excellent location allows you to easily and quickly reach the many attractions of the city of Belgrade.

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